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Visumpoint logo

This company has revamped its business and wanted a new logo to match.  They work in semantic interoperability and wanted a clean, simple, geometric logo. It looks good in one color: And the mark will look good at scale and be very interesting in print or webdesign....

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New Church Website

I had a few snows days so decided to tackle a project that I've been meaning to do for almost a full year now - redesign our church website.  The current site is at SquareSpace and isn't responsive.  Its not a terrible site but doesn't do everything I'd like and is...

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I worked all summer migrating the website from SquareSpace to a Wordpress platform and it launched last week without a hitch!  I was so glad to have the migration done and not have any loss of uptime for the site.  Thanks and Kudos to the support team...

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Diane Bauman Design

My own website is always the most difficult but it was time to update and make my website responsive. I chose Wordpress because that's my favorite lately. This is a work in progress and probably always will be - not sure I'm married to the colors or the layout of the...

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Integra Confidential logo and website

The Challenge The site needed to be updated but still keep a serious vibe and not get too casual. The company does serious business and needs to convey that but, at the same time, needs to look hip and ready to work with the new generation. The other challenge was the...

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DirectTrust Tradeshow Banner

This was my first tradeshow banner and I think it turned out pretty good!  It was strange to design for this size because it was soooo long compared to its width.  I've never done anything quite like it.  It was for the World Healthcare Congress in Washington, D.C....

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The Provision Team website

A work of love for some lovely people!  This is my first one-page site with long-scrolling.  And its my first time with this new client-logo plugin.  I love it! The client gave me free-reign on this one and I am very happy with the...

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Trust Network Services website

The site at needed to be moved from SquareSpace to Wordpress and into a more secure environment.  This was my first foray into SSL but it turned out fine and I would like to say Inmotion Hosting is a great host to work with.  Wonderful...

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CETL Logo and website

Young Harris College is opening a new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) in the Fall of 2014 and needed a new logo and website.  I was under obligation to comply with the brand standards (colors and fonts) that the college has already adopted so...

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inCsuite website

inCsuite is a brand new company and needed a brand new image and logo AND website with a client portal. I started with the logo design.  After speaking with the clients a few times, we decided to try to capture the idea of 'corner office'.  I presented them with 4...

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SOPHIE website redesign

I revamped a site for SOPHIE - their site was already in Wordpress but I completely changed the 'theme' and settings.  Heres the before and after: Its hard to tell in the pictures but the new site looks much more up-to-date and modern. It is also a responsive site so...

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Learning Health Community website

I designed as site for the Learning Health Community a few months ago using SquareSpace6 as the platform.  I've never really cared too much for this platform but we wanted to keep costs down so thought it would save on man-power if I could start with their premade...

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Thomas Solutions, Inc. website

I developed a site for Thomas Solutions, Inc. a few months ago and forgot to blog it.  The site is in SquareSpace and most of it was done by the owner himself.  I set up the basic template and got his URL mapping properly and then he took it from there.  He did great!...

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First billboard!

Finally got to do my first billboard!  This was for the First United Methodist Church of Union County - they wanted it simple and straight-to-the-point.  I like the way the colors pop, especially at night with the lights on...

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