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YHC Chamber Choir blog/website

I just realized that I forgot to post the YHC Chamber Choir website and European tour blog from December.  I used SquareSpace again but this time used the updated version 6.  I actually prefer version 5 MUCH more but they were offering free version 6 sites with a paid...

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Open Health Tools, Inc. website

Started a new contract with for their website design and maintenance.  I'm using SquareSpace to build the site and LOVE it.  This is my first experience with a subdomain that has a different location than the main site - it was a little scary at...

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DirectTrust website

This was my first time using SquareSpace to build a website.  The client already had the site partially up and wanted to keep it with SquareSpace.  I have found that I LOVE doing sites here and will recommend it to anyone I deal with in the future!  Its got a clean...

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Church website re-design

  I re-designed our church website and moved the host from yahoo to SquareSpace and I love it.  Its a much cleaner look and I can give the ministry-leaders the ability to update their own pages. My favorite part is the pull-down menu style:    ...

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Purse #1

Have to make a purse to match the skirt!  This was a little bit fussy but turned out very...

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