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Earbud case DIY

I don't usually post my crafty-items on this blog but I am particularly proud of these.  Got the tutorial from Erin Erickson's blog and ended up making 6 of them! Now I just have to scavenge the house to find the rings to put in the tabs for all of...

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church kids and youth logos

It's time for new logos at church again!  My idea going into this is that we want to (finally) get a logo that will be generic enough to stand the test of time.  I don't want the logos to go with the current curriculum or the current staff - and I'd like them to...

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Programs for YHC Choir Concert

My favorite part about these is how they look when folded. I'll have to take a photo of them after we get them printed on the right paper. My other favorite part is the cityscapes...those are actually the skylines of Prague, Vienna, and Münich! And they match the...

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Blog for Choir Tour

I will be going to Europe in May with the Young Harris College Choir and I will be blogging the trip.  Hopefully this will help the parents of the students feel 'in touch' with us and also be a record of the trip.  I'm hoping to put a lot of useful information for the...

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CollaborationSource website

Finally got back to designing websites!  Had fun doing a small 3-page site for CollaborationSource.  They wanted a clean site with no frills - and although it is very clean, I don't think it looks too simple.  Just right.  Also revamped their logo.  I did the site in...

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