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inCsuite is a brand new company and needed a brand new image and logo AND website with a client portal.

incsuite_logo_blueI started with the logo design.  After speaking with the clients a few times, we decided to try to capture the idea of ‘corner office’.  I presented them with 4 versions of a corner office logo and they chose this one.  I like it because it has a strong ‘mark’ that can be a stand-alone icon.  This is very useful when building out a website!

The client wanted a grayish-blue but we had trouble deciding on the exact color so I did some digging around and finally came up with ‘IBM blue’ – the exact shade that IBM uses.  Makes it easy to match colors!

incsuiteLastly, the website was built in WordPress and I love the way it turned out.  It has a modern feeling but still very serious.  The site includes a client portal so that clients can login and see content that is just ‘for their eyes’.  This very much personalizes the clients experience.  The back-end was built so it is fairly easy to add new clients and manage the permissions.

This site is also fully-responsive so if you look at it on a smart phone, it still looks great and all elements are shifted around so they can be seen and read.

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