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integraconfidentialThe Challenge

The site needed to be updated but still keep a serious vibe and not get too casual. The company does serious business and needs to convey that but, at the same time, needs to look hip and ready to work with the new generation.

The other challenge was the logo – the client didn’t have one and desperately needed branding.

The Solution

We used a flat look – no gradients or shadows and a lot of gray.  Gray conveys the serious side while the light blue conveys approachable and trustworthy. I used a menu that starts as semi-transparent and gets more opaque as the user scrolls down. I tried to use the same large photo many times in the site to keep the load-time down to a minimum. The users-computer only has to download the image one time.

One of my favorite parts is the magnifying glass that is semi-transparent  – you can see through it when you scroll.

integra_logo The logo conveys that the company provides information and is a good stand-along mark and can be used throughout the website and print materials in a branding effort that is just beginning.

The client was very happy with the results and that’s what makes it worthwhile!

apple-touch-icon144x144I also added a apple-touch-icon, which means if you bookmark it on your iPad or iPhone, there is a nice icon that matches the logo.

Click here to view the live site.

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