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The Provision Team website

The Challenge

Short time frame and small budget but wanted something modern. The client needed to showcase their own clients and also have a section for team members. We needed to have a reliable contact form for users and a login for their own clients to see their personal pages.

The Solution

I used a 1-page, long-scrolling site for the modern look and easy load-times. I was able to find stock images that didn’t look stock to use as the backgrounds for the sections. I was also able to style the contact form and the login to match the rest of the site. It ended up becoming a cohesive and slick site.


Website redesign


Corporate Rebranding

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile Site completely responsive

Mobile Refresh

The old site didn’t look good on mobile devices and that is just not acceptable these days.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We changed the entire navigation and organization of the site so it looks good and is easy-to-use on any device.

Extensive Analytics

The site has Google Analytics built in so the client can track usage and be deliberate in their marketing

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